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On-Site Edging Technology

At Eyeglass Gallery, we understand that exceptional service requires exceptional tools. We use the most advanced equipment to provide on-site edging, decreasing turnaround time, and getting glasses into the hands of our customers quickly.

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How Does On-Site Edging Work?

Our computerized and automated edging system makes it possible to finish lenses quickly in-house. It also allows us to adjust lenses to fit frame grooves without shipping them to and from different locations.

Clients who need their lenses finished quickly can count on the combination of our equipment and expertise.

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Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical coherence tomography is a noninvasive imaging test used to take high-resolution cross-sectional images of the retina. The retina has many distinctive layers that can be measured and evaluated with the images produced from OCT imaging. With the close-up view available in the images, we can differentiate the layers in the retina which can detect and diagnose many different retinal diseases and conditions. 

OCT uses rays of light to measure retinal thickness. No x-rays or radiation is used in this test, making it a non-invasive, comfortable test for patients to receive. OCT scans are used to test for swelling of the retina and to monitor the effectiveness of a current medication regime.

Visual Field Testing

A visual field test is used to measure your entire scope of vision, including your central and peripheral (side) vision. Typically, we use visual field tests to measure how much each eye can see individually and if any blind spots are present, alongside any subtle areas of vision loss.

Visual field testing is also helpful for detecting signs of glaucoma, which can damage the optic nerve. The test can also pinpoint signs of central or peripheral retinal diseases, eyelid conditions, and conditions affecting the visual pathways from the optic nerve to the brain.

The test involves having you sit at a machine and stare at a specific point. While focusing on the point, flickers of light will appear across your field of vision. Every time you see a flicker, we will have you click a button. The test is quick, easy, and completely painless.

Retinal Imaging

Digital retinal photography allows us to detect, diagnose, and monitor eye diseases with precision and accuracy. The imaging technology takes a digital photo of the back of your eye, showing the retina, optic disc, and blood vessels. A close look at these internal functions of your eye ensures we have the information necessary to pinpoint early signs of disease.

Retinal imaging is a non-invasive process that should not take longer than 5 minutes. However, we may need to dilate your pupils, taking up to 20 minutes to take effect. Once your pupils are dilated, a laser will scan your eyes briefly to create images, which are then uploaded to your doctor’s computer to view.

After the test, your vision may be blurry for a few hours. However, the images will be ready to view right away, and your optometrist will discuss the findings with you before you leave.

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